Mongoose Craft Lager is a high-quality beer brewed to an original and authentic Indian recipe, developed by Wells and Young’s Brewing Company over fifteen years ago and recently reformulated by Andwell Brewing Company.

In a blind taste test between Cobra, Kingfisher and Mongoose, over 50% of consumers preferred Mongoose over the competition: [taken from Wells & Young’s Independent Study]

The Taste

Like its name, Mongoose exhibits a lively character with a real bite. Zesty, fruity, floral and spicy with a sharp bitter bite and refreshingly clean finish.

The genuine fruity taste really enhances the flavours of a curry without being overpowered completely. A great all-rounder; its malty flavour and nice sweetness go beautifully with strong flavours.

Food Pairing: Goes ideally with food with spice – especially with Indian and Thai food or any other cuisines possessing spicy curry dishes.

Bottle Size: 50cl

Can Size: 44cl

Keg Size: 50L

ABV: 4.5%

We’re vegan friendly


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Once you have tried Mongoose, there is no other choice! Since we added it to our drinks list, it has been our best-seller! Extra smooth bringing in extra sales!

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At Quilon we aim to convey our passion through a quest for perfect ingredients and technique, which is why we were thrilled to work with Mongoose Premium Beer. A beer to match our ethos and flavours!

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When you come to Tandoor at the Chambers you not only get a culinary adventure in terms of food but also in terms of beer. Mongoose is a great tasting beer with an authentic Indian recipe. A quality beer for a quality establishment.

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